Monday, October 19, 2009

Harlo guys! So today we are going to play badminton! I know its boring for some ppl. So actually the people who was going were me, weisiang, zhaozhi, liyuan,peishan,peishan's sister and kaili. But in to end due to some problems, The people who were going was me, weisiang and liyuan only. So i met liyuan and weisiang at pioneer mall mac at around 2:10pm So we made our way to the stadium and booked the court blablabla. So hot x.x i wan die agn x.x so we buy big big water bottle! Play play for like 30min go off liao cu very boring :/ So we go mac eat ( actually only i eating) Den we talk talk, laugh laugh bla bla. Den after that, i follow weisiang and liyuan back home and walked back home alone. Till now! home sweet home! Bye guys~

Ps: Sorry fishball for bring you along >< i noe it was boring, so sorry! ><

Saturday, October 17, 2009

HIE GUYS! Sorry long time never blog ._."" Because of exams you see. I hope i pass my exams and get to sec 3!! So, lets talk about today. Today i went to kelly's BBQ at east coast park. So i left my house and went to meet everyone at the boon lay MRT platform station at 11am. There was kelly, jake,meili,zhaozhi,rifhan's brother,rifhan and jonas. I was the last to come lol. So we got on the train and rode until bedok, We alighted the train and took a bus to pasir ris. It was BOILING HOT! Like 80 degrees celcius ._." Can fry egg loL! So when we reached, we rented bicycles as the BBQ pit was very very far. The rent was stupid, SO EXPENSIVE! 6$ FOR 1HR WTFF. But the unvle very nice, give us 7hrs for just 18$! lol, cus he see me ang mor den give discount LOL. So we take our bikes and cycle off. The cycle was EXHAUSTING. We reached the pit after about 40mins of continuous cycling like mad. When we reached, we wanna die alrdy x.x So after resting awhile, we go play sand :x Den me, kelly and jake go swimming in the sea lol lol. We kena alot scratches from the rocks in the water :/ After swimming, we go take bike, and cycle around the park. Den at nite thr, we try make fire on the beach :x (secretly) Collect wood and then use lighter try make fire. But then, the stupid lighter, sucks, Cannot even light up ._." so nvm, we go return bike. WAN DIE AGN!SO FAR WTH! When we reach, return bike, blablabla. We walk to bus stop, take bus bak to bedok agn. When we reach, we take train to jurong point. After get off the train, i emo walk back home alone. Ah!! home sweet home! *put hand inside pocket* GOT SAND WTH!lol. Thats all guys! Bye~ I'll be posting again soon ^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

YOWASUP MA BROS?. ok erm lol. So today i went to watch Harry Potter:Half-blood-prince. So i woke up at 10.30 today yay! Actually wanted to leave house at 10.30 but whatever! So i left my house at 11am. I wore pretty nice today. I wore, long jeans, nice brown shirt with dragon emblem, my favorite black jacket and my wore a pair of black leather gloves ^^ So i went out and met weisiang and jonas at the arcade in jurong point. Den i went to mac with jonas to find zhaozhi and kelly at mac. Weisiang came along later on and we ate there. The people who were going to watch harry potter were me,kelly,weisiang,zhaozhi,jonas,jasper and my two primary school friends. So after we ate, we went to the mrt station to take mrt to orchard road lol. Then we had to wait at joonkoon station for 30mins because we had to wait for jasper to come.We took photos of us.Haha. So den jasper arrived and we got on the train to orchard road. Wow it was abt a 1hr train ride to orchard sia, very sian lor. When we reached we RAN to the cinema cus the show was starting in 10mins time OMG!! so we reached thr and got our tickets and met my pri sch friend blablabla. I sat in the front seat with my pri sch friend's mother and with weisiang. The show kinda nice, i'd give it a 6~7/10. Den after the movie we went to the lan upstairs and played for 1 hr cus it is remarkably,undoubtedly,incredibly,superstitiously expensive. 5.10 for 1hr. i know. So after that we took train bak to jp. Jasper went to vivo alone and kelly had to go home as it was late. Jonas,me,weisiang and zhaozhi went to long john silver to eat dinner lol. After eating we wakled around and then went ot arcade for 15mins. Den we all went home. when i reached home i was tired and i had lots fun today, i hope we can do this again another day. home sweet home~~ thats all i have to say, BYEBYE!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Harlo my fellow friends! Ok so today i went out to the national library. I went there at 5.30pm and met weisiang. We went to jurong point fairprice to buy marshmallows because we were going to the library to try out a game called : Chubby Bunny. Its a game when you have to see how many marshmallows in your mouth without chewing or swallowing and still be able to say, "chubby bunny." I managed 4 only -_____-. those marshmallows were big!!!! O.O Weisiang got 4 also and kelly got 3 HA!lol..... Weisiang brought his laptop to the library today. I helped them do their GE project but i'll skip that boring part...After the project we played games lol because the library had wireless internet connection ^o^ First we played deagonica and then played warcraftIII. After all that playing it was 8.45pm. Kelly had to go home so me and weisiang went ot macdonalds to eat out dinner. After that, weisiang followed me home and when he reached my block, we seperated. Home sweet home. ^^ cya dudes!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey guys, wow i had a incredible day yesterday. Today is Xut ting's birthday so im going cus i've got nothing to do. So I woke up at 9am cus my mother was going out and i have to lock the door !@#$%^ *ahem* Then i fell back into my bed and went off to la-la-land. 5mins later i woke up again !@#$% can't i have any peace around in my house. The phone rang, blablabla,wrong number,!@#$%^ stupid la. Since i could'nt go back to sleep i smsed ly to ask her wad time they are going to her house. She said 11.30am. We are going thr early to help out actually and since it was my first time going to xt house, i had to ask ly to escort me thr XP So she asked me to wait at the bus stop opposite my house. I got thr and waited lor. I was wearing my favorite black jacket<3*ahem* anyway, When she got off the bus i followed her to xt's house. When we reached, i saw ps and jingyi inside. omg! so early come alrdy wow! Got inside and just stood there lor. Then the ly they all doing dunno waht birthday card to xt. I talked to jing yi for abit and then xy and her little bro arrived. After finishing the birthday card for xt we went to jp to buy stuffs. Ly,ps and xy went to buy the party spray stuffs and me,jing yi and xt's god-motherwent to get the cake. After all that we went home 1st and just relaxed abit. Awhile later ly called jing yi to bring money to buy the spray cus they did'nt have enough money to buy the sprays XD So me and jing yi ran to jp. Once thr we bought the prays blablabla about how we gonna spend the money but i cant be bothered. What are friends if u cant even be bothered to spend a little bit of money hear and thr, no need be so calculative -_-. anyway! So we went back and relaxed. Once we open the door....OMFG xt came back early. shyt our plan to spray her with the cans failed. oh well! So we relax lar blablabla talk,laugh, they all play card games while i talk to jing yi. Time to take photo! -_- so first xt and her mother took the pic and then all the girls take the pic together and now its time for the guys to take pic!!! one moved....come on then!!! one moved. all dun wan take pic XD we spent forever to get all of us to sit down but couldnt lol........ So we all take a group pic lor together with the girls and boys. After the pic, ly,ps and xy was trying to get xt to look at her present but xt was scared that something muight pop out of the box and scare her so it took forever for ly,ps and xy to get herto see whats inside the box. Waste my time!@#$% Cus i had to go back now T.T *sobs* Gotta have my tuition bleh. After the tuition i decided to go back to the party lol cus most of the ppl are still there. So i went back lor hahas! When i reached the 3rd floor, i silently walked to the window and smack the window and shout, lol! I managed to scare ly,jing yi and i dunno who else la. LOl funny!! So i went in and watch they all play stress with uno cards...Jing yi decided to try and learn how to play stress with ps and he kinda sucks(no offense but you really do)XD They offered to play stress with me but i declined as i did'nt know how to play. ALOT(*ahem*) of ppl were complaining that they were hungry and wanted to go to jp to eat. So we all headed off to jp. On the way to jp, SOMEONE hit me on the back of my head. So i turned around and saw xt and ly laughing!!! ROAR! i decided i wanted revenge and slowed down so that they would be ahead of me. I waited for the right time and.....CHARGE!! i tapped them both on the head and i dodged sideways,twisted and hid behind the pillar. I walked in front and at the corner of my eye i saw ly attacking me!! omg! i ran at full speed ahead to escape her. At the park, i was being cornered by xt and ly! help!! But i evaded them and escaped. phew!! i was going to meet weisiang as he was at the jp arcade with his girlfriend. So i ran ahead to meet him. After that he lent me his psp so that i could play it and i called ly to find out whr they were, she said they were at the kopitiam, i went inside and looked for them. They said they cant find me. -_- then i turn around.....THEY OUTSIDE THE KOPITIAM LA!!! *TOOT!* I decided to scare them because they didnt see me....hehehehehe..........*siletly walk to them*........BOO! haha! gotcha! ly screamed of course =P and then they all went to macdonalds cus the kopitiam so packed. So i played DJmaxblacksquare as we went to macdonalds. When we reached and sat down, weisiang found us at macdoands and sat with me. We played and talk until ly and ps had to go home. Den we all decided to go home as well. Me and weisaing went home together as we shared a cup of coke. I reached home and collapsed onto my bed =P and before i knew it......i was fast asleep lol!!!!!!! cya guys! thats all i have to say for today!!!
Ps: Happy birthday xt.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yo guys im back! sorry havn been postin cus i've been so darn bored out my skull. lol. So a few days ago i went swimming with zhaozhi,weisiang and kelly. When i got to jurong stadium there, i called zhaozhi to ask him where is his location. he told me he still at home. -____-". So i went on to call weisiang, he said he was outside the swimming pool near 7-11. I went to meet weisiang. I saw him and sat down with him. We talked abit about maple lol. Btw....i now am playing maple. omg. suprised heh? Yeah, i played maple cus now they have a new job and i got interested in it and started playing maple with zhaozhi and liyuan. Enough about maple! later we talk about that. Den zhaozhi arrived finally. Den kelly arrived. When we went in, i was shocked, i saw faiz. He came with his cousin and grandmother. Haha, so we swam together. Of course, only i could swim in the adult pool cus they all dunno how swim properly -__-". So we went to lazy river to relax and play there. Faiz was the most playful. After the lazy river we went to the other pool to do some stunts like Underwater handstand/barrel rolls/somersaults and stuff. It was fun. We went to the slide lol. I managed to go pretty fast cus i was slidding down HEADfirst. lol Instead of feetfirst. I couldnt turn around when i was reaching the end and i hit my head on the wall at the side when i landed -________-". But it didnt hurt lol. Guess i have a thick skull eh? lols. So after that it was about time to go back already. But! guess what! We still went to the lan after that lol. It was most embarrassing because we played maple there -___________________________-" But only for like 20mins!! Then we played warcraft all the way. I keep getting woned by weisiang. T.T So then it was time to go back. i had plenty fun out there! Hope i can come out again. ^^ thats all i have to say guys. Byes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

*english 56.1 5
Chinese 24.3 U
Maths 62.2 4
science 79.5 1
History 49.7 U :@ -__-"
Lit 62.9 4
Art 45.5 U
He 60.6 4
Comments: CCA:NCC 100% IPW Grade: C Joshua os attentive in class most of the time. However, he needs to be less forgetful and more conscientious in his revision.

This is my results.......i noe i suck real badly........T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T laugh at me lai suck, thatsa fact. But i am proud of my science lol. cus i got top in seek classes OMG! i rock in science. HaHa! i scared my mother will kill me for lousy marks.....i am going to show my result slip tml. Pray that i will live to fight another day.
i got this cool logo off the web.
¨°º¤ø„¸ Trance ¸„ø¤º°¨
anyway, cya, byebye!~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hi! bak. i talk abt ytd OK? So ytd i was going to play badminton with Weisiang, Zhaozhi And Kelly. I was earliest to arrive at the jurong west stadium. haha! Since i was so early i decided to go to Weisiang's house since it's nearby. When i got to his house, rang the door bell. i was shocked. I saw weisiang wearing a t-shirt and no pants, just wearing boxers. -_____-". He did'nt seem to mind LOL. So i watched weisiang play warcraftIII on his comp, played his xbox until kelly arrived. We continued to play until zhaozhi arrived. den we go to stadium.Weisiang den tell me that his friend, meili, is coming to join us. wtf? So we at the stdium thr playing at the track, we found a disk and decided use it as a frisbee. -__-" We play play play until we kena scolded by the security for playing around there. LOL Den we go inside play badminton lor. We had to buy shuttlecock as we did'nt bring any of our own. haha. Den we go book court for 30mins only cus all the stupid slots all book liao. We play the 30mins was very fun. after that we go weisiang house play again LOL. Den go mac buy takeaway and we parted. I walked all the way home. ah!! home sweet home. back to computer -___-" lol. thats all byebye!